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Dressed to Kill: Get Your Own Goregeous Wardrobe


Last week’s post on this awesome Ash dress inspired us to find some other creepy clothes for the well-dressed ladies of horror. Wouldn’t you know it! Etsy is a treasure trove of macabre wares.

The Human Skirtipede - $50
From the same designer that made the Ash dress, the Human Skirtipede has an adorable homage to The Human Centipede and precious ric rac trim. Even Dr. Heiter would approve.

Freddy Krueger “Let’s Get High” Dress - $45
Depicting one of Freddy’s more creative moments in Dream Warriors this dress is covered with splattered blood and a huge image of Freddy. The seller also makes a Holy Mountain dress for Jodorowsky fans or fans of  exploding Conquistador Toads.

Bloody Wedding Dress - $65
Want to get the [Rec] 3: Genesis look? Look no further. This seller offers a number of wedding dress styles to suit even the most fickle shopper. Shoes died to match!

Suspiria Cameo Necklace - $10
It’s like a hand-me-down from your grandmother. Except a bit more gruesome. Make that a  hand-me-down from Madame Blanc. Keep it for generations, if you last that long.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Halter Dress - $60.50
We’re not clowning around. This actually exists. Match it with big red shoes and a big smile and you’ll be ready to paint the town red.

Motel Hell Apron - $15
This apron says you’re serious about cooking with fresh, local ingredients and it’s perfect for making Farmer Vincent’s fritters! But be careful when cooking in this white apron because certain stains probably won’t come out..

Vampira Corset - $225
You too can have micro waist. With it’s hand-painted image this Vampira corset will have everyone asking you to “come a little bit closer.” Now, you just have to work on the two-inch nails and feline face.