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Drew Daywalt Has the Luck of the Irish With 'Leprechaun's Revenge'

FEARnet blogger and friend Drew Daywalt has a special St. Patrick's Day surprise: Leprechaun's Revenge. Formerly called Red Clover, Drew describes this flick as what would happen "if the Coen Brothers got their hands on a Syfy script." Hit the jump for the full rundown and premiere date.

From the official press release: "Days before the annual St. Patrick's Day parade, a teenage girl unwittingly unleashes a murderous leprechaun upon the citizens of a small town. The creature goes on a violent rampage, slaughtering descendants of the original settlers who stole its gold. Now the girl and her family have four days to kill the leprechaun – otherwise she will die from the leprechaun curse." Sounds like a cheeky good time.

Leprechaun's Revenge stars Billy Zane and William Devane. It premieres on Syfy on March 17th.