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E3 2009: 'Alan Wake' Gameplay Footage UPDATED


Alan Wake, Remedy’s Max Payne follow up that’s like a mash up of Secret Window, Twin Peaks, and Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, will finally “see the light of day” (ouch) in Spring 2010, as was revealed by Remedy’s Sam Lake at Microsoft’s E3 press conference yesterday.  Of course, I doubt that he would have flown in all the way from Finland to talk dates, so he also showed off some game play footage, which you can check out after the break courtesy of our friends at G4.

There’s something very Lovecraftian about the crazy townsfolk chasing you down (which makes me giddy as a schoolgirl) and the light/dark mechanic, which looks like it has you softening up your foes with a good dose of light before blasting them to kingdom come offers a new wrinkle on the very Resident Evil-styled game play. Additionally, you can check out 8 new screenshots over at the game’s official website.

UPDATED 6.5.2009 Added a hands on walk through video below