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News Article

E3 2009: Head Back to the Ward in 'Dementium II'

Today Southpeak Games announced that they will be the publisher for Renegade Kid’s followup to their DS horror sleeper, Dementium: The Ward, titled…hold on to your hats…Dementium II. The game promises “better visuals, more haunting audio, and sharper scares than its predecessor.”    More after the break.

According to Business Wire Jools Watsham, owner and Creative Director of Renegade Kid tells us “We were extremely satisfied with what we accomplished with the original Dementium, but knew we could do even more given the chance to develop a sequel. With Dementium II, we’re upping the ante in a major way. Be prepared to be too frightened to power on your Nintendo DS.” 

Too frightened to turn on my DS?  What, is the game cart loaded with a loop of “Pickle Surprise”?

Surprisingly, despite its ‘M’ rating, the first Dementium sold quite well, according to Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak Interactive.  “Regardless of what some say about ‘M’ rated games on Nintendo DS, the original Dementium proved there is an audience hungry for a top notch handheld horror title; we aim to feed this bloodthirsty crowd with Dementium II.  Our aim isn’t for this title to be the best horror game on Nintendo DS, we want Dementium II to be regarded as one of the best horror titles in video games, on any platform.”  High hopes, to say the least, but if any developer is capable of making a top-notch horror game on the DS, it’s Renegade Kid.

Dementium II is due out Q1 2010.