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News Article

E3 2009: 'Ju-On: The Grudge' Announced and Trailer UPDATED

Better clear out your schedules, it’s going to be a busy October for gamers.  The game based on Ju-On: The Grudge, which was hinted at before in a prior post, has now been officially announced by publisher XSEED Games. 

Developed by Feelplus (who had a hand in several recent JRPGs, including Lost Odyssey and Star Ocean: The Last Hope), the game is, according to the press release, "a 'Haunted House Simulator' where accessibility and instant scares are given priority over all other game aspects." Hit the jump for more info and the trailer.

Original Ju-On director Takashi Shimizu is on board as a creative consultant, making sure that the game stays accurate to his films, which spawned two American remakes.  However, as stated before, the accessibility is key, "Ju-On: The Grudge’ makes quick scares accessible to anyone with a Wii," promises XSEED president Jun Iwasaki, "players can even hand the Wii Remote to their mother and enjoy watching her play and get scared."

OK, I love my mother to death and all, but I’ve learned after multiple attempts that she and horror just do not get along.  Trust me, there’s nothing enjoyable about a middle-aged woman screaming bloody murder at every noise and shadow.  Add the potential cudgel/projectile of a Wiimote, and that’s just a recipe for disaster that my home cannot handle.

Most interesting is the two-player aspect, where a second person won't aid the player, but instead try to make them crap their pants by using the second Wiimote to execute in-game scares, so that the victim will "jump and hate you forever."  Hate you forever?  Where the hell was this game during some of my breakups?

‘Ju-On: The Grudge’ is due October 2009 for the Wii.