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News Article

E3 2012: Possession, Telekinesis, and Ellen Page in 'Beyond: Two Souls'

The developers over at Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) certainly have plenty of experience in pushing the envelope in storytelling and graphical fidelity.  This envelope appears to have been given a violent telekinetic shove in their upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, which takes their signature brand of unique story and gives it a unique twist.  Check out the trailer via G4 after the break.

Yup, that's Ellen Page staring off into space at the top of this post.  She's the main character in Beyond: Two Souls (which means she's unavailable for Hard Candy 2: Harder Candy), a mysterious woman with some even more mysterious abilities, including telekinesis and what might be the ability to possess people.  The vibe I get off the trailer is reminiscent of Stephen King's Firestarter, with some balls-to-the-wall action to boot. 

No release date has been given, but it looks damn good, even with more of an action bent than Quantic Dream's usual fare.  This should be another must-play entry when it's finally released on the Playstation 3.