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News Article

E3 2012: 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' Trailer

While 2K Marin's 1960's-set XCOM has been delayed until god-knows-when, the strategy gurus at Firaxis Games have their own take on XCOM due out this fall: the strategy-based XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  Check out the trailer via G4 after the jump.

While the first-person XCOM is taking itself back to the days of Robert McNamara and the Cold War, XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks like a proper follow-up to the XCOM games of the past with its futuristic weaponry, strategic gameplay, and research elements.  It looks and feels drastically different to what 2K Marin has planned for the franchise, but no less polished.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be released October 9th, 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.