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News Article

E3 2013: ‘Bayonetta 2’ Brings a New ‘Do to the Wii U


Bayonetta was a hell of a lot of fun, taking the Devil May Cry formula and stirring in a sizable dose of steroids and psychedelics as player controlled the titular witch with an arsenal of acrobatics and follicular fatalities. 

Platinum Games is revisiting Bayonetta in the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2, and the trailer looks like the same sort of wholesale insanity that made the first game such a deranged delight.  There’s wholesale slaughter of angels and massive monsters, physics are looser than a post-palak paneer bowel movement, and Bayonetta’s trademark hair-based executions are back in full flesh-flaying effect.  Don’t ask me how they work, as Bayonetta’s once-flowing locks are now replaced by a close-cropped pixie cut.  Between that, the glasses, and all the impossible physical gyrations…I’ll be in my bunk.