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Eat Like a Zombie!


We're counting down the final days of FEARnet's Week o' Zombies. Here's another favorite from our archives: zombie cakes! Originally published February 4, 2010 (a.k.a. "Tweet Like a Zombie" day).

Here at FEARnet, we'll look for any excuse for a party, even celebrating someone else’s birthday.  Who better than the godfather of zombies, George Romero?  To celebrate 70 years on this earth without succumbing to the zombies that made him famous, we're celebrating "Tweet Like a Zombie Day", and we've scrounged up some zombie-themed birthday cakes that will make you scream.

The head is probably not made of cake, but it does give new meaning to the term “heads will roll.”  There is no evidence that this lad was a zombie, but during the zombie apocalypse, you decapitate now, ask questions later.

This cake has a DIY feel that even the novice baker could make.  A simple cake with chocolate “ground” frosting is the perfect setting for white chocolate zombies to burst from.  Crushed Oreo cookies complete the fresh-from-the-grave look.

While perhaps more appropriate for a zombie party, these brain cupcakes fit the theme and look both tasty and disgusting.  Caramel sundae topping mixed with food dye give that deliciously realistic blood effect.

The appropriately-named Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago whipped this little beauty up.  Who knew that zombie brains were actually red velvet cake?

Watch out when you dig into this cake - support beams were necessary to ensure this zombie remained upright and properly decaying.  This is a different breed of zombie than the previous cake - his head is made of Rice Krispie Treat.  It’s like slow zombies versus fast zombies: there are no losers.

Who knew that LOLZ Cat had such a temper?  This kitty versus zombie work of art is made of a combination of sponge cake, buttercream frosting, Rice Krispie Treats, and fondant.

Technically a wedding cake, who cares when it looks this awesome?  Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Seattle even fashioned the zombies to look like the wedding party.  Haven’t we all had days where are friends seem like they are going to suck us dry?  This one is red velvet, too.

This isn't necessarily a zombie cake, but I like to believe that the man once attached to this arm fell prey to the zombie apocalypse, and the zombie rats get nothing but the scraps.  This impressive cake even has bones made of white chocolate.

This zombie from Curious Confections has been dead for a while - he is made of green velvet cake.  But with this guy, you can take your revenge by eating his sweet, sweet brains.  His head is made of white chocolate, filled with a sweet "blood sauce", and covered with green Rice Krispie Treat and buttercream frosting.