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Economic Hardships in Japan Forcing Many to Live in Potentially Haunted 'Death Houses'


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One of the very first lessons I ever learned from horror movies is that it's a really, really bad idea to move into a house where someone had previously died. As movies like The Amityville Horror have shown us, it's typically a lot cheaper to purchase or rent out potentially haunted locales, which is an allure that many are simply unable to resist. Ultimately, however, the price tends to be paid in other ways.

As we spotted on Rocket News, real estate agents over in Japan have noted a dramatic increase in the amount of people looking to rent out 'incident rooms' in recent years, the name given to apartments where the previous tenants had died on the premises - either from sickness, natural causes, murder or suicide. Though the Japanese people consider these types of places bad luck, economic conditions are leaving many with no choice but to seek out the cheapest possible living conditions they can find, which has resulted in these tragic locales becoming somewhat of a hot commodity in the area.

"These days we have more advanced cleaning techniques, and after a while the smell and the stains will disappear," said one real estate agent, noting that even in the most extreme cases, living where someone had previously died isn't the worst thing in the world. That is, if you can look past the whole idea of someone having been killed where you're trying to eat and sleep...

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