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Elfman and 'Wolfman' – Together Again

The latest WTF twist in the ever-evolving Wolfman saga is the news that famed composer Danny Elfman – who had previously been attached to Joe Johnston's long-awaited (and long-delayed) Universal monster reboot before his work was unceremoniously rejected by producers last Fall – is apparently back aboard the project again, according to a new article in Movie Score magazine. It's hard to keep track anymore without a score card (no pun intended), but we'll do our best to catch you up... read on!

Movie Score has posted the official scoop from Universal, who just confirmed that Elfman's incomplete score – initially rejected by the studio in November – is now back in the picture. Former Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger had been commissioned to write a replacement score, but according to Universal that's no longer the case. Haslinger's classically-influenced material was apparently the subject of much critical debate, but it sounds like it came down to a case of the studio being undecided on which musical style to settle on.

In order to complete the score in Elfman's absence (he's too busy with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland at the moment), additional composers were reportedly called in to write, conduct and record the remaining cues before the film's now-locked (we hope) February 12 release date.