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Eli Roth Asks 'How Evil Are You?'


In 1961, psychologist Stanley Milgram ran a controversial experiment to test people's reaction to authority. They were asked to administer an electro-shock to an unseen person when the "subject" answered a question wrong. With each shock, the test subject would beg for the experiment to end. The shocker would be told that the shocks were painful but not dangerous, and asked to proceed. The experiment was designed to ask questions about morality in the face of authority.

If the experiment is going to be recreated, who better to do it than horror maverick Eli Roth? Roth will host and produce a one-hour special on Discovery that asks, "How evil are you?" In addition to recreating the Milgram experiment, Roth will submit to a series of brain scans while watching scenes of horror to try to identify "evil" centers of the brain. Clips after the jump. has an extended trailer for the show. Curiosity: How Evil Are You? airs Sunday, October 30th at 9pm on Discovery.