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News Article

Emilie Autumn's 'Opheliac' Gets Deluxe Treatment

So-called 'anarchist violinist' Emilie Autumn - a goth icon and dark music superstar who's worked with everyone from Courtney Love to Billy Corgan to Dethklok, and has contributed music to many horror films, including the Saw series – is relaunching her top-selling album Opheliac this Halloween in a deluxe edition through The End Records. She's also kicking off a North American tour this fall, much to the delight of the fishnet-and-eyeliner set. Details below the fold!

Praised by the music press for her inventive violin skills and flamboyant, über-gothic theatrics, Autumn is known for blending baroque classical flourishes with harsh electronics and distortion FX over a core of electro-pop and metal elements to create eerie and seductive tones that are both chilling and beautiful. Her 2007 release Opheliac is considered by many to be her masterwork, featuring haunting tracks like The Art of Suicide and Misery Loves Company.

Emilie's elaborate live shows are also legendary for spilling over the music and into dramatic staged performances, multimedia presentations and poetry readings... and even offering home-baked treats to the audience. Yes, all this and cupcakes too.

I'm not sure if the new tour comes with cupcakes, but it's definitely worth checking out regardless. Ticket pre-sales will begin soon at her official site, including VIP packages on a first-come, first-served basis. The tour itself begins on October 9th and continues through November 6th. The special edition of Opheliac will be available on October 27th.