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News Article

Eminem's Next Movie Gig to be 3-D Horror

More than seven years after receiving major props (and a Best Original Song Oscar) for his feature-film debut in the semi-biographical 8 Mile, hip-hop superstar Eminem will possibly be returning to the big screen for the big-budget 3-D horror anthology film Shady Talez. We’ve got some interesting details after the jump… better hit it!

According to ScreenDaily, the chart-topping rap icon will be working with producer John Davis (Predator) and writer/producer Dallas Jackson on the 3-D horror epic, which the creators describe as kind of a cross between The Twilight Zone and Creepshow. It’s the first of several productions in development from Davis and Jackson’s new partnership DJ Classicz/Davis Entertainment; others include a remake of Barry Gordy’s goofy ‘80s martial-arts comedy The Last Dragon – a film which reportedly has Samuel L. Jackson attached.

Shady Talez will reportedly be accompanied by a four-part Marvel comic book miniseries, co-written by Dallas Jackson and Underworld writer/actor Kevin Grevioux. Given the Creepshow reference, chances are the books will have that same classic EC Comics feel.

More info is expected very soon, so check back here for dates and details!