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News Article

Enter the Dark New Dreams of The Agonist!


Gothic-metal band The Agonist have been putting the finishing touches on their upcoming sophomore release Lullabies for a Dormant Mind, which is scheduled to street on March 10 via Century Media. The album is being produced by Christian Donaldson (guitarist for death metal giants Cryptopsy), and again showcases the phenomenal vocal talents of lead singer Alissa White-Gluz (a one-time Canadian Idol contestant voted one of 2007's “Hottest Chicks in Metal” by Revolver magazine), which has the power to alternately seduce and terrify you, all in the course of a few seconds.

The Montreal-based band is also known for their distinctly dark, surreal and borderline schizophrenic style, which blends elements of thrash, progressive and black metal with neoclassical and operatic flourishes – including lush violin and piano arrangements. On Lullabies, the follow-up to 2007's Once Only Imagined, the band delves even further into classical territory, even including a haunting a cappella rendition of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake” – but don't think for a second they're mellowing out; Lullabies is also a frontal assault of face-peeling metal.

The band recently posted preview tracks for new songs “The Tempest” and “Martyr Art” on their MySpace, so be sure to give 'em a listen.