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Enter John Carpenter's 'The Ward' Today

John Carpenter's first directorial work in a decade is finally available today on VOD. The Ward stars Amber Heard as a troubled girl who is locked inside a ward for the criminally insane after being picked up setting fire to a house. Inside the ward, She discovers it is not just her fellow inmates she must be wary of... but former ones as well. 

FEARnet has rounded up our coverage of The Ward to tide you over until you get home from work/school/grandma's house and watch the creepy new flick. Check out trailers, interviews, and more after the jump.

We've got the trailer for you...

 And exclusive interviews with John and Amber...

Not enough for you? Get a glimpse at the creepy opening titles, check out our stills gallery, two different posters, and read our review of The Ward.

Go home, order up the film, and let us know what you think!