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News Article

Escape the Black Lodge in the 'Twin Peaks' Game…for Atari 2600?


No, that isn't a typo.  Someone—musician Jak Locke, to fully point the finger—has created a remarkable facsimile of an Atari 2600 game based off of David Lynch's classic horror/mystery series Twin Peaks called Black Lodge.  More details after the break.

Once you get over the initial timeline problem with an Atari 2600 game based off of Twin Peaks (the show premiered in 1990, well after the death of the 2600), the game proves to be one hell of a labor of love.  Set in the Black Lodge (natch), the game sees FBI agent Dale Cooper on the run from his doppelganger as well as various citizens of Twin Peaks.  It's more than a little creepy, especially with the game's retro voice-chip sound sure to send shivers up your spine.  Everyone sounds like a death metal Steven Hawking!

Of course, it doesn't just stop at the game.  Locke went so far as to create box art and a manual for his game, complete with 2600-appropriate artwork and vibe.  Fans of Twin Peaks and retro gaming should be pretty pleased with the results.

You can download Black Lodge here for PC or Mac.