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Even Skeletons Need to Get It On


Ever wonder what would happen if the skeletal remains of Shakespeare's MacBeth met Dracula's Mina Murray and they fell in love? That's what happens in director Spike Jonze's funny, lovely, and surprisingly carnal new stop-motion animated short film "Mourir Auprès de Toi" (To Die By Your Side). Watch it after the jump.

Unfortunately, I can't embed the video in this article. But you can check it out over at Go watch it now. I'll be here when you get back. Yes, it's that good.

Jonze, the director of films like Adaptation and Where the Wild Things Are, got his start in music videos. He was apparently inspired to helm this short -- set in Paris' Shakespeare & Company bookstore -- by the embroidered handbag designs of Olympia Le-Tan. It's definitely the most erotic stop-motion short made almost entirely out of felt that I've ever seen. And it just might be the perfect thing to put your significant other in the mood this Halloween.