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Even Zombies Need Shoes - Seriously Horrorific Footwear


These shoes were made for stalking.

Now that you’re dressed to kill, you need the perfect shoes to match your outfit. Never fear, horror fans much more insane than you have been hard at work creating torturous footwear. We have a closet full of terrors perfect for the most horribly stylish among you.

Child’s Play Dunks’s custom Child’s Play hightops are literally Chucky in sneaker form. They sold out last year, but the second run is now available and aptly called, Let’s Play 2. They’re marked with two knives and look like they are wearing tiny overalls. You can get them, but like all of Chucky's victims, you'll have to pay a rather steep price. The company also makes a Thriller and A Nightmare on Elm Street sneak.


Zombie Stomper Platform

Iron Fist's heels have beauty and braaaaainnnns …. At four inches high, with a one-inch platform, you’ll be shuffling like a zombie when you wear them, but at least you’ll look good doing it.

Alien Queen Heels

Have you ever noticed that it kind of looks like H.R. Giger’s Queen Alien is always walking around on high heels? Well, she’s probably wearing these. Check out Blacknorns’ custom-made Giger shoes on etsy.


Kicks Cool Enough for the Crypt Keeper

Here’s a way to get your boyfriend interested in shoes. These custom-painted Tales from the Crypt slip-ons from InkHeart feature classic images from Tales from the Crypt comics.

The Shoe of Frankenstein

Sometimes the Bride of Frankenstein needs a night on the town, and these affordable platforms will put a spring in her step. Just don’t make the Missus mad, you would not want to get stomped by her stilettos.