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'The Evil Dead' Remake Scores a Lead


As if anyone could replace Bruce Campbell as Ash... well, Ghost House and Film District think they have their new Ash to star in the remake of The Evil Dead, currently slated to start filming this March in New Zealand with a tentative release date of April 2013. Fede Alvarez will write and direct in his feature debut.  So who is this mystery actor? Hit the jump and we'll tell you.

The actor is actually an actress. That's right, The Evil Dead's new hero is a young lady named Mia. And who was deemed fit to take over Bruce Campbell's boomsticks? Lily Collins, a young actress with few credits to her name thus far, but some big titles on the horizon. Previously seen in The Blind Side, and Priest, Collins will also be Snow White in the lighter, more family-friendly adaptation coming up, called Mirror Mirror.

Bloody Disgusting broke the news, and also offers up this plot summary: "In this version, the story centers on five friends (David, Natalie, Eric, Olivia, and Mia) holed up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead with a demonic force unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival. As we also exclusively reported, there is a drug subplot. As previously explained, David is a mechanic and is engaged to Natalie. Mia is the friend who is heading to the cabin to detox; Olivia is her best friend/nurse. Eric, presumably, is the kid who unleashes the demons. After a recent overdose, Mia struggles with her new-found sobriety. She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!"