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Exclusive: ‘Alcatraz' Producers Daniel Pyne and Jennifer Johnson on the Season Finale

Alcatraz, the cult favorite TV series from J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot about the disappearing inmates of the infamous San Francisco prison and the government agents tasked with tracking them down, wraps up its first season on March 26th. To help get you ready, I spoke with producers Daniel Pyne and Jennifer Johnson at last weekend's WonderCon 2012. After the jump, find out what they had to say about the show's season 1 finale.

"We're gonna open the door," says producer Daniel Pyne of the season 1 finale of Alcatraz. "We're gonna meet Tommy Madsen [David Hoflin] – each one of our episodes has the name of one of the inmates who comes back -- thirteen is Tommy Madsen. It's called "Tommy Madsen". It's not just going to be a glimmer of him. We're really gonna get to know who he is, what he's been doing since he's been back."

"The flashback story is something that we had a great time writing," adds Pyne's co-producer Jennifer Johnson, "and that feels kind of fundamental to season 1. So we're going to learn about Tommy Madsen's experience on Alcatraz, and why he might be so important to the present day.

As for additional insight into the Madsen brothers, Pyne remarked, "We're gonna reveal why Ray [Robert Forster] would say, in present day, that he'll kill him if he comes near Rebecca [Sarah Jones]. We're gonna find out a little bit why in the past Ray tried to help him and then changed his mind. We go right at that too."