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Exclusive: ‘I… Vampire' Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov's Top 5 Horror Movies


Joshua Hale Fialkov, the writer of DC's I… Vampire, is as enthusiastic a horror fan as any comics creator I've interviewed. So when I recently spoke with him about his new reboot of the cult favorite ‘80s comic-book series, I made sure to ask him to name his top five horror movies of all time. Check out his picks after the jump.

1.) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The first one blows my mind. 2.) Psycho is amazing beyond words. 3.) Halloween. Obviously the Carpenter one. Not the Rob Zombie one. I know it's a surprise, you probably thought I meant the Rob Zombie one. [Laughs.] The original Halloween, the DNA of that movie is so amazing. 4.) The Innocents. Oh my God do I love that movie. When I watch that movie it literally breaks my heart, because you can't make movies like that anymore. Because it's a horror movie, where not only nothing big happens, but literally nothing happens. It's just navel-gazing for two hours. But when you're done watching it you can't look out your windows. You're literally scared to look out the window because you're scared there's gonna be a guy standing out there. Or it's gonna be the ghost who lives in your house, who you're replacing. [Laughs.] 5.) The original Vanishing. The Swedish version. I don't know if it's widely considered a horror movie, but that belongs there.