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Exclusive: Anna Torv on the Possible Universe of 'Fringe' Season 4


It's oddly fitting as the star of one of the most mysterious shows on television, Anna Torv doesn't know too much about what producers have in store for her on the upcoming fourth season of Fringe.  But when I caught up with Torv (who's one of the sweetest, most consistenly gracious actors I've ever interviewed) at last night's Saturn Awards ceremony (where she won Best Actress for the second year in a row) I did my best to get any info I could, and to find out where she'd like to see things go this season. Read on to learn about at least one possible universe for Agent Olivia Dunham.

How can you even begin to bring back Peter when your character has no recollection of him?

I don't know! That's a question for the other guys who have way more information at this point in time. I'm interested in what is going to happen, and who the characters will become. If you take a person out of existence, and all those tiny things that happened because that person was around... I think it will be interesting to see who these people are. I'm quite excited about it, actually. I want to see how much of Olivia's turmoil and sadness is connected to Peter, or things that have happened with him around -- are those things gone? Is there room, perhaps, for her to unbutton her coat a little bit?

Do you think they might introduce another universe into the mix?

Oh, I would love that! I don't know if that is what the producers are thinking, but I would be an advocate for that. I love the whole idea of that. But I do think we could have heaps [of universes], and just keep going and going. We could switch it out every season, or when we get bored - just add a new color. 

Do you have an idea of what your ideal universe would be to bring Olivia into?

Maybe a desert where Olivia rides horses. We could go back to Australia to shoot!

[Laughs.] Have you received any hints that the Observers may take a more active role this season?

No, but I love the Observers. I don't know if I necessarily need them to take more of an active role. What I love about them is that they are just these mysterious, fantastically drawn characters. We don't understand them yet, and as much as I would love to know what they are there for, I love watching them. The fact that they are so... spread out makes it very tantalizing.

Where would you like to see Olivia go this season?

I am interested to see what parts of her personality are connected to the things that have happened over the last few years, specifically with Peter. If he isn't there, is there room for a different take on her? Not an alternate version of Olivia, just a different take. Is she softer or is she harder? I am hopeful that she won't be as tormented. I think she needs a break.

She's definitely earned one. [Laughs.] Thank you very much.

My pleasure!