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Exclusive: Annotated Edition of Clive Barker's 'Cabal' Featuring Exciting List of Contributors Set for Release


Fans of poetic horror scribe Clive Barker have been ecstatic over recent news that Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut will be heading to Blu-ray soon. The 1990 film — directed by Barker and adapted from the author's 1988 novella Cabal — has had a long and troubled history after studio Morgan Creek imposed re-shoots and various edits to make the twisted tale more marketable. Although Nightbreed further demonstrated Barker's ability to craft a complex, expansive, mythical universe — impressively designed and atmospheric — the film felt disjointed.

After the original work prints and missing footage were uncovered and pieced together by Russell Cherrington, a friend of Barker's company Seraphim, the Cabal Cut was created. A network of Nightbreed supporters across the globe known as Occupy Midian banded together, hoping to entice producers to release the more authentic version. A recent announcement on Twitter from Barker made it clear that everyone's efforts weren't for naught. Finally, Morgan Creek gave permission for Barker and his team to show the cut around the world and raise money to prepare Nightbreed for a Blu-ray release.

Since all things come full circle, another exciting announcement about the author has risen from the dark depths. Small press publisher and literary journal Fiddleblack has informed us that they'll be releasing an annotated edition of Barker's Cabal. The phantasmagorical, creature-filled story — about an unstable man who is drawn into a fantastical city — will feature new nonfiction content from a wonderful list of contributors:

"High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore; former Marvel Comics editor and writer D.G. Chichester; philosopher Eugene Thacker (In the Dust of This Planet, Zero Books 2011); Hellraiser comic book author Mark Miller; archivists of the Barker canon, Phil and Sarah Stokes (The Painter, the Creature, and the Father of Lies, Earthling Publications 2011); and fiction writer John McManus (Bitter Milk, Picador 2005)."

Fiddleblack will be working with Simon & Schuster to deliver the book in 2013. One bit of news that should make Cabal admirers happy is that the project has Barker's full endorsement, along with his company, Seraphim. Knowing Fiddleblack, the new edition promises to be eloquent in scope and design. With filmic justice served and a lit favorite made even better, next year can't get here soon enough. Stay tuned to FEARnet and to Fiddleblack for more exclusive updates.