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EXCLUSIVE: Breck Eisner Talks Jack The Ripper vs. Dracula


Following up on a recent conversation we had with comic creator Mark Wheatley (Frankenstein Mobster, Breathtaker), we chatted with The Crazies director Breck Eisner about a few of his upcoming flicks including Escape from New York, Flash Gordon and his upcoming adaptation of the Wheatley comic (co-written by Rickey Shanklin and co-illustrated by Marc Hempel), Blood of the Innocent. Hit the jump to see what Eisner had to say.

FEARnet: So we understand you're interested in adapting Mark Wheatley's comic Blood of the Innocent?

Breck Eisner: Yeah, that came out of an interview you guys did with Mark (Wheatley), right? Yeah, I just love this concept; it's such a cool pitch. It's fucking great. It's dark and aggressive and intense, but kind of expensive so we'll see if I can get a studio to commit the resources to really take a chance on a movie like this. Mark gave a bit of the pitch, Jack the Ripper vs. Dracula, but really Jack the Ripper is the hero and he's trying to save the world from Dracula and his vampire brides. It's just a cool, aggressive, awesome pitch and I'd love to make that.

But Escape from New York is next?

Yeah, that's the goal. I'm working on a couple of projects and that's kinda the closest to going is Escape from New York and I'm hopeful that's the next one. We're still in script phase, I was brought on on an [early] draft of the script, we've hired a new writer now, we're gonna do a polish and budget, go out to talent and hopefully move quickly from there. You know how things are in this town (laughs) you never know what will happen and what won't. The studio is really aggressive in their desire to make this movie so my primary focus is there, although I'm working hard on the other projects too especially Flash Gordon.

Are you interested in sneaking in Blood of the Innocent between Escape from New York and Flash Gordon?

It depends on how the projects come to fruition; Flash Gordon is a total passion project for me. We've just extended the option and the studio's very committed in trying to make it happen. It's just a gigantic 3D experience with years of prep, it’s one of those movies you get once in a lifetime to make and for me it's been a passion of mine since I was a kid. If I could pick and just control everything I would love to make Flash Gordon, it's really kind of my dream job, but it's multi-year, in terms of writing and designing.

Have you thought about any movies you'd like to model Blood of the Innocent after in tone or style?

Some of the movies we've been talking a little bit about are Hellboy and Dark Knight; these are movies we've talked about in the world of our movie. Casue of the scale of the movie I'd like to push it to the edge of PG-13 if possible. That's a tall order, I'm not sure if that's possible. In pitching it to the studios I'm telling them there's the chance, like Dark Knight was aggressive by avoiding sexuality and language allowing you to push the intensity and violence right to the edge of PG 13. I'm hoping to be able to do that for Blood of the Innocent, although if we're able to scale back the movie a little bit and go a little more gritty or dark then we'll go into R territory for sure.