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News Article

Exclusive Clip from the Holliston X-Mas Special


We hope you've been enjoying our special Adam Green block on FEARnet! This entire weekend we'll be playing plenty of Aeriscope original features including Hatchet, Frozen, Chillerama, (the vastly underrated) Spiral, as well as Grace written & directed by Paul Solet (of 'Jack Chop' fame) and produced by Green. If you currently don't have FEARnet, make sure to contact your local cable provider and ask for it so you don't miss out on cool future events like our Adam Green night. Here are more details on how YOU can get FEARnet.

And speaking of our Adam Green night, we debuted an exclusive new clip from the upcoming Holliston Christmas Special during the block. Missed it? No worries. We've got you covered. Below you'll find an exclusive clip which features fan favorite actor and former Jason Voorhees Derek Mears as Officer Duffy instructing Joe Lynch and Laura Ortiz not to open the door for anyone, including him! 

The Holliston Christmas Special airs on FEARnet Decmeber 18th at 8PM eastern so mark your calendars now! Stand by for details on Holliston Season 2. It's definitely coming in 2013. Keep your eyes peeled here for the full details on when!