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Exclusive: 'House of Night' Creator P.C. Cast Names Her Top 5 Fantasy Authors


If you swore to yourself you'd never read a book about teenagers and vampires, you might want to reconsider. Author P.C. Cast's House of Night series has met with the approval of not only fans, but hard-to-please critics of the hot subgenre. In fact it's been so successful on all fronts that the first of Dark Horse's five-issue comic book adaptation arrived in comic shops last week. Cast, as I learned when I recently spoke with her, is a huge fantasy fan. So I asked her to name for me her top 5 fantasy authors. Find out who made her list after the jump.

Here are P.C. Cast's favorites... "1.) George R.R. Martin. Holy crap, what a fabulous writer he is! -- Game of Thrones, the series and the books. I'm in the middle of the fourth book right now, and love the series. 2.) I am a giant Sookie Stackhouse fan, the books and True Blood. 3.) Anne McCaffrey is a genius. 4.) Ray Bradbury (pictured above). 5.) I heart me some Christopher Moore, so much. Fool was so brilliant. Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story, that's hard to top, but I think Fool is my favorite Christopher Moore novel. I missed him at Comic-Con. I wish I had the chance to fangirl him at Comic-Con. Next time, man, I'm gonna stalk him. [Laughs.] Chris Moore reviewed my first book, when I was absolutely nobody and it was published by a small press. He was gracious and charming and knowledgeable and I will never forget that. He is an excellent author and a super nice guy."