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Exclusive: IDW Annouces New 'Crow' and 'Judge Dredd' Comics

With new films coming in The Crow and Judge Dredd franchises, it makes sense that the medium from which these movies were born -- comic books -- would yield new adventures for these cult antiheroes. IDW annouced yesterday at WonderCon 2012 that it would not only launch such new books, but in the case of Judge Dredd, rerelease the character's classic comic stories. Find out what IDW publicist Dirk Wood had to tell me about these titles, after the jump.

"We're doing Judge Dredd, "said IDW's Dirk Wood. "A lot of that material is actually a lot darker than people remember. So we're super excited about that. That's gonna be big. We're gonna do new stories and collections of the old material. We're gonna be doing a whole program sort of like we're doing on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

"One other thing we announced was the team on The Crow. That's gonna be a guy named John Shirley, who's a horror novelist. He also wrote the first draft of the screenplay for the Crow movie, which is one of the things he's known for. He's writing it, and then Kevin Colden is doing the art. He got nominated for an Eisner for a book he did called Fish Town. He does really dark, cool… it's reminiscent of what [Crow creator] James O'Barr did without being derivative of it. It's gonna be good. We're gonna have Ashley Wood doing covers for that. And James O'Barr is working on his own Crow series that will come out later in the next year or so."