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News Article

Exclusive Interview with Trevor & Nick of Unearth



Massachusetts metallers Unearth have been throwing down for nearly fifteen years now, and their fifth studio album Darkness in the Light is being hailed as one of the strongest releases of their career, scoring high on the metal charts and locking in the band's solid rep as a straight-up metal powerhouse that draws equally from the  powerful melodies of Sweden's “Gothenburg sound” and the brutality and technical skill of American thrash and hardcore.
We caught up with Unearth at California Metalfest, where lead vocalist Trevor Phipps and drummer Nick Pierce told us about the album and its promotional tour. Naturally, they like to kick back with horror movies while they're on the road, and punch up everything from classics like Friday the 13th to modern fare like Silent Hill and The Hills Have Eyes remake. Check out the interview below!