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Exclusive: Kim Bubbs on Why You Should See 'The Thing'


The biggest concern with any remake, prequel, or sequel is how it handles the original material. Naturally, the prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing is at the top of this list. We chatted with co-star Kim Bubbs, who told us why we shouldn't worry.

Tell me about this new The Thing. How will it differentiate itself from Carpenter's Thing?

Well, it's a prequel. We didn't want to mess with Carpenter's The Thing because it was so well-done. Ours blends seamlessly into Carpenter's film. We explore what happened at the Norwegian base. We have all those unanswered questions from Carpenter's film, so that's what we do: we delve into that.

Have you faced much criticism from die-hard fans of the original?

I think they are uneasy - but that's why we didn't want to touch Carpenter's film. So much work was put in [to make sure we didn't]. We have puppetry in ours, just like in Carpenter's film. I mean, we have CGI too, but we wanted to honor [the original]. It's a nice blend. I think we really nailed it. 

Were the filming conditions horrible in Toronto? I mean, it's not the Arctic...

It was hot out actually! We started filming at the end of March, and there was no snow. We filmed until about June. We did a lot of stuff on a soundstage but the stuff we did outside... we had ice packs on our necks between takes because we were going to fall over!