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EXCLUSIVE - Kyle Gallner Talks 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Reboot


While Jackie Earl Haley continues to slash up Springwood as iconic horror villain Freddy Krueger, Kyle Gallner (Quentin) takes a break from his role as Quentin in the A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot to promote the July 14th DVD/Blu-ray release of The Haunting in Connecticut. We caught up with Gallner the other day and couldn’t resist asking him how the Elm Street shoot is going and whether or not his character suffers a similar fate to that of Johnny Depp in the original. Hit the jump for the full story. 

Platinum Dunes has really taken these classic movie killers (Leatherface, Jason) and placed them into the real world where they are much more brutal and vicious. Would you say Dunes are doing the same here with the new A Nightmare on Elm Street?Yeah, I would. There's definitely, like you said, some brutal and vicious stuff in this. It's really raw and Jackie as Freddy, it's scary. Jackie's just bringing this raw energy to Freddy Krueger that's really scary and intimidating. I did a scene with him the other night where we're literally just nose to nose, eye to eye and it's like ohhh maaaan! As soon as he's done talking to you in his cast chair and jumps onto that set, he puts that voice on and he does his thing, he's got that claw in his hand and he's right there, it's intimidating. And his makeup is really scary, it's kinda creepy. Some of the locations we're filming at are just unbelievable. When you put it all together it makes for a creepy environment, creepy mood, and Jackie is genuinely scary.


Are you filming at a lot of practical locations, rather than a soundstage?Oh yeah, we just shot for 3 days in the boiler room this week and that place is perfect. Once it's lit up, some of the locations are just insane. Some of the visuals and camera shots - where we're filming and the way they are filming - it's definitely gonna be a surprise for some people.


How are the locals taking to Elm Street having invaded their neighborhoods?It's OK, because we're staying in a city and we're filming all around the city in the suburbs, every location is 30 minutes to an hour away. We're dealing with a lot of locals all over the city in different counties. We shot at a high school, which is a working high school during the day so you're obviously dealing with a bunch of 16-18 year old kids who are all curious about what's going on, we did a party scene with like a 150 extras. The interaction has been minimal, but when it's there it's in big numbers. They're excited about it. It's kinda cool for them to say they shout A Nightmare on Elm Street at my high school.


Does your character suffer a similar fate to that of Depp in the original?Different (pauses), yeah, it's different. It's a revamp for sure, there are definitely some shout outs to the original with specific lines and camera shots and stuff like that but it's a revamp. We're kind of making it our own without straying too far away. We're doing it justice but we're making it our own.


It's gotta be cool for you too, knowing that you're taking part in one of the most iconic and recognizable horror titles of all time.Absolutely, you never want to do too much of the same thing, I did Jennifer's Body and The Haunting in Connecticut, you don't want to get caught up in doing the same things but then A Nightmare on Elm Street came around and it's like, how can you say no to Krueger man (laughs)? It's gonna be really cool to say that I was a part of it.