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News Article

Exclusive: 'My Bloody Valentine 3D' on DVD in 3D!


While speaking with My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier this weekend, we asked him about the film's upcoming DVD release, and he let slip some intriguing details...

Can we expect to see the more extreme version on the DVD?

Probably not.  You don’t need to see it.  The one thing that was much longer that we cut down was the sex scene.  That, I believe, will be on the DVD.  It might be an Easter egg – you might have to find it, but it will be there.

What else can we expect on the DVD?

Todd Farmer – the writer and the actor who plays Frank – and I did an audio commentary track.  There are about 30 minutes or so of deleted scenes, an alternate cut of the ending, extended scenes, deleted scenes from throughout.  A couple of Easter eggs, one involving Tom Atkins [who plays Burke] that is awesome.  If you find it, it is beautiful.

Will the DVD be in 3D?

I believe it will be in 3D and 2D, yes.  They are still sorting out all the technical details.