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News Article

Exclusive! Neil Patrick Harris Sings on Dr. Horrible DVD and Sequel!


Between How I Met Your Mother and Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, it’s safe to say Neil Patrick Harris will be remembered for way more than Doogie Howser.  Of course, the role we here at FEARnet love him best for is the title character in Joss Whedon’s internet phenom Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  So we grabbed a few moments with Neil at the 2008 Video Game Awards and asked him to whet our Horrible whistle.  Check out what Neil had to say after the jump…

Are you surprised by the success of Dr. Horrible?

No.  I’m thrilled.  Joss has the unique ability to create an idea, and have it come to fruition in ways no one ever dreamed of.  When he said he wanted to do this thing, it seemed like it had great potential and everyone that was on board was full-tilt: the cast, the crew, the sound guy – everyone was working crazy-beyond their means, and I think it really shows.  We are all really proud of it. 

What can we expect on the DVD?

The DVD is going to be awesome-town.  There is an original musical called “Commentary!” with an exclamation point.  If you play the movie, and play it with the commentary track, we’ve all sung new songs about the making of Dr. Horrible.  My song is called “Neil’s Turn.” 

Can we look forward to a sequel?

Oh gosh, I should be so lucky.  There is nothing planned at the moment, but I know everyone had a great time doing the first one that if the stars aligned in the right way, I would of course say yes.