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News Article

Exclusive: The Official One-Sheet Poster for 'FDR: American Badass!'

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hasn't come out yet, but I must confess I'm already looking forward to another screen epic about the secret life of an American President. FDR: American Badass! looks to be one of the most outrageously enjoyable indie films due out this year, and we've got the film's theatrical one-sheet poster ready for your viewing enjoyment immediately after the jump, as well as info about the film's premiere at Comic-Con.

FDR: American Badass stars The Rocky Horror Picture Show's Barry Bostwick as the 32nd President of the United States, Re-Animator: The Musical star Merlin as Hitler, and genre vets Lin Shaye (as Eleanor Roosevelt), Ray Wise (as MacArthur), William Mapother (Lost),  Keri Lynn Pratt (Smallville), Deon Richmond (Hatchet), and Kevin Sorbo as Abraham Lincoln. According to the filmmakers, "In this throwback to the original 1966 Batman movie, FDR rides a 'wheelchair of death' to stop the world from werewolves who carry the polio virus, including werewolf versions of Hitler, Mussolini, and Emperor Hirohito."

A special screening of the film will take place on Friday, July 13 at 10 PM at the Gaslamp Theater the weekend of Comic-Con in San Diego. Followed by Q&A with director Ross Patterson, and stars Barry Bostwick and Kevin Sorbo. This is the first time the film will be screened to the public, and mini posters wil be given away at this screening. We'll have info about how you can win tickets in the days ahead.