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Exclusive: 'Paranormal Activity' Creator Oren Peli Names His Top 5 Horror Films


In just one week, Paranormal Activity fans will have the opportunity to experience the saga's latest chapter, Paranormal Activity 3. So it seems like a pretty good time to ask the man who started it all, filmmaker Oren Peli, to share with us his top five horror movies of all time. Check out Peli's picks after the jump.

"1.) I would say that the one that definitely terrified me the most was The Exorcist, when I was eleven. It traumatized me for many, many years. 2.) The other one that was a direct inspiration for me as far as influencing Paranormal Activity was The Blair Witch Project, which I thought was terrific. 3.) If I had to name others… I would say The Others actually (no pun intended). 4.) And Rosemary's Baby…  5.) There's so many other ones to choose from, but let's say A Nightmare on Elm Street.

"I wasn't specifically trying to steal from anyone, but there were definitely elements of Paranormal Activity that you could say were born from many different films. The whole idea of the demonic haunting; and the cinema verite style; and the sense that this could happen to any ordinary family who's not asking for trouble… There were definitely a lot of elements that were born from being conscious of these horror films."