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Exclusive Premiere: Blue Stahli's 'Atom Smasher vs. Fever Ray'


Blue Stahli

You may have already heard of electro-rock/EDM artist Blue Stahli, alias Bret Autrey, through our coverage of the phenomenal “Blackstar” tour, on which Bret took the stage with fellow cyber-rocker Klayton of Celldweller (check out our review of the concert DVD/Blu-ray here). Blue Stahli's musical output is still going strong, including a new album Antisleep Volume 3, a collection of apocalyptic instrumental tracks that he describes as “Themes for Lovecraftian leviathans rising up to destroy us all.” 
Blue Stahli - Antisleep v3
Knowing that, it should be no surprise to you that Bret's into horror; but even better, he's also a FEARnet fan, and just offered us the opportunity to premiere a brand-new track entitled “Atom Smasher vs. Fever Ray," which is a chilling, bass-slamming mashup of the Antisleep V3 track "Atom Smasher" and "The Wolf" by dark electro-pop unit Fever Ray (the latter featured on the soundtrack to 2011's Red Riding Hood). Today you can only listen to that track right here... but you can also take a copy with you, thanks to the free download option. Spark it up now!