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Exclusive Premiere: Prozak's Music Video 'Hate'

Last month we got a chance to interview one of the most intriguing names in horror media: Michigan-based artist Prozak, "The Hitchcock of Hip-Hop," is not only a star in the world of horror-themed rap, with his latest album Paranormal recently released from Strange Music; he's also a celebrated documentary filmmaker, whose paranormal investigation series Seekers explores the history, legends and personal accounts surrounding reportedly haunted Michigan landmarks. In the interview Prozak talked about the real-life fears he explores in his album, and his latest music video "Hate," which premieres today on FEARnet, addresses some of those horrors up close. Hit the jump and check it out!

"To me, the darkest horrors hide in plain sight," Prozak told FEARnet, "and this album was meant to explore the sorrow and pain in the darkest corners of reality... I feel the need to bring some of the issues to the front lines." While he's not afraid to explore the dark side of human nature, he stressed that songs like "Hate" still hold a message of hope.

Check out the video below, and look for more Prozak news soon... including the progress of the upcoming Seekers film, "A Haunting on Potter Street."