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Exclusive: Tania Raymonde Talks 'Leatherface 3D'

It's been a couple years; time for a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, right? Okay, regardless of what your answer is, you are getting a new TCM. Due out in 2012, this new TCM is being shot in 3D, takes place immediately following the end of Tobe Hooper's 1974 original, and ignores every other TCM film since. With the working title of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, the flick boasts a number of Chainsaw alums in cameo roles, including the original Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen, and lone survivor Marilyn Burns.

Aside from that, the studio is keeping a tight lid on any further details. We chatted recently with Tania Raymonde (Death Valley) who stars in TCM 3D opposite Alexandria Daddario (Bereavement). She couldn't tell us much, so salivate over what she did share.

Tell me about Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I heard that they recreated the house.

Which house, the Sawyer house?


Yeah, it's cool. They rebuilt the entire house. They actually built two houses: the house that Heather inherits from Leatherface, which is where a lot of present-day action takes place, but then I think they rebuilt the Sawyer house from the original movie - then they burned it down! They spent two months building it - it was an exact replica. It was pretty cool.

That movie was really eerie. That was a crazy experience. I told myself that I didn't want to do another horror movie after this because it sort of traumatized me! It was intense.

The filming of it, or the subject matter?

[Texas Chainsaw Massacre] always scared me a lot. I haven't seen any of the remakes; just the original, and there is something deeply disturbing about that movie. It really bothered me, even before I got involved in this one. Then I watched it again before we started shooting, and it still scares me. 

This is an intense... it's interesting because it's got some thriller elements in it. I think they are trying to relaunch the franchise and they anticipate making two or three movies out of Texas Chainsaw. But beyond that, it is very disturbing. Disturbingly gruesome, but not in an exploitative way. It sort of delves into the soul of a demented person. He really tortures these poor kids. It's awful.

What is your role?

The main character is Heather; I play Heather's best friend. She is a very flamboyant, promiscuous girl named Nikki. She just wants to have a good time. She loves Heather. Heather and Nikki and some friends go on this road trip in an old VW van to go help Heather collect her inheritance. [They are] on their way to New Orleans and they stop in Texas and they meet Leatherface. They don't fare so well, unfortunately. 

And hilarity ensues.

Yeah, exactly. But it is sort of a thriller, and it is almost an action movie at times. It's not like your typical "torture porn" or "gory for the sake of being gory" that you see in a lot of current scary movies. It's actually well thought-out and put together. I think it is a cool story and creepy as hell and people will really dig it.

And what is the status of Manson Girls [When we spoke to Tania a year ago, she was all set to play Leslie Van Houten in a bio pic about Charlie Manson's "family"]?

I don't really know. There were some budget issues and stuff like that, casting changes... but we are working through it. We anticipate shooting the movie [in the next month] so we'll see.