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Exclusive: Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet Name Their Top 5 Horror Artists


I recently spoke with actor, director and comic book publisher Thomas Jane and his Raw Studios partner, artist Tim Bradstreet, about their new graphic novel Dark Country (pictured above); illustrated by the ferociously talented Swiss scratchboard artist Thomas Ott and based on the Tab Murphy short story that Jane also adapted into his 2009 feature film directorial debut. I'll have that interview ready for you to read on FEARnet next week, but in the meantime I want to share with you Jane and Bradstreet's picks for the top 5 horror artists of all time. Most of whom are, unsurprisingly, horror comic artists. Check out their selections after the jump.

Here's what Raw Studios' Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet had to say about their top 5 horror artists of all time…

Jane: 1.) Graham Ingels. The all-time top horror artist. 2.) I think we have to put Basil Gogos in there for all of his great Famous Monsters covers. He qualifies as a horror artist.

Bradstreet: 3.) We have to add the master of the macabre, Bernie Wrightson.

Jane: Yeah, Bernie Wrightson is the master…

Bradstreet: 4.) I'd have to throw Richard Corben in there for House on the Borderland, as well as some of his other stuff that's straight horror…

Jane: Corben did Fall of the House of Usher too. 5.) Frazetta did a lot of horror too. That Creepy werewolf story…

Bradstreet: That werewolf story is one of the best. His last comic story, which is probably my all-time favorite comic story.

Jane: Of course Thomas Ott's pretty darn creepy too. [Laughs.]

Bradstreet: We'll throw Thomas Ott on that pile as an honorable mention.

Jane: He's one of my favorites. That's for sure.