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Exclusive: 'True Blood' New Blood Jacob Hopkins Talks Season Five

One of the newest additions to the upcoming season five of True Blood is also the youngest. Jacob Hopkins, at age 10, is the first child with a regular role on the notoriously violent and sexy series. Jacob plays Alexander Drew, a vampire who was turned at age nine and is now a member of the Authority. In our exclusive interview with Jacob, he gives us a preview of his character and talks about what it was like to be the youngest member of the cast.

Tell me about your role on True Blood.

My character is named Alexander Drew, and he is part of the Authority. I'm basically a troublemaker. I am described as an "impetuous vampire who likes to taunt others." We was turned at the age of nine. He is wise and feisty, strong-minded. But if you wanna talk Authority, I've got authority! I get to talk to the big guys - I'm that important.

How high up in the Authority are you?

I'm a chancellor in the Authority, so obviously I wasn't made yesterday! I'm like an old man in a kid's body. I'm very wise and strong-minded.

Is it difficult to act like you are hundreds of years old, when you are only a kid?

Nah, it's easy for me. Chancellor Drew was changed at the age of nine. If he had gone into puberty that might have been weird. He looks nine. 

You said your character is a troublemaker. Who is he making trouble for? The humans? The Authority?

Well, the Authority has the same goal: mainstreaming. We want to support the same goals, but just like any other council there is, we have disagreements and debates. But we both have the fate of vampires on our shoulders. So things can get a little heated. Alexander respects Roman a lot. He's the Guardian [played by Chris Meloni]. [Alexander] behaves as much as he can around Roman. 

Is Roman like Alexander's dad or guardian?

Yeah. He's the whole council's guardian. He's kind of in charge of the Authority.

Are you allowed to watch True Blood? Have you seen any episodes?

Well jiminey, of course not! If I was a real vampire I would love to do that.

How did you prepare for the role if you couldn't watch the show?

My dad helped me. He's an actor and he's my acting coach. He helped me prepare for the role. But I love vampires. I have books about them, and I am really fascinated by them. When I found out I booked the role, I couldn't stop reading about them. I read about Nosferatu and Dracula in my monster book. But Alexander is my favorite vampire! 

What are some of your favorite vampire movies?

I like Dracula.

What are some of the scariest things you've done on the show?

You'll have to be surprised - I can't say! But just wait, it will be good.

You have a lot of experience with martial arts. Were you able to do a lot of stunts on the show?

Um.. there are a lot of twists and turns... but I can't say. Anything could happen!

Are you going to get to watch this season because you were in it?

I get to watch the parts I'm in.

Any fun behind-the-scenes stories?

I do have a funny story. I was in hair and makeup one day and Alex Skarsgard walked in. One of the makeup people called out to Alex and we both answered! I am sitting and Alex is standing, and he is really tall - I'm basically looking at the ceiling - and he says, "Oh, you. The other Alex." We laughed about it and then he said, "Seriously dude, you rocked it on set." He's such a cool, fun guy, and he's really nice.

You are the first kid to be on True Blood. Were the other actors nice to you, or did they keep to themselves?

I'm definitely the only kid on set, but everyone treats me so awesomely. We joke around between takes and I feel like such a wonderful part of the team. I feel encouraged, complimented, and I felt immediately like a part of [the show] the moment I walked in. I had a lot of fun.