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Exclusive: Uwe Boll Exposes 'BloodRayne 4'


One of director Uwe Boll's most successful properties is BloodRayne. Based on the first-person shooter, BloodRayne focuses on Rayne, a half-vampire, half-human who is looking for her father and killing any vampire who crosses her path. Boll is now prepping for his fourth film in the franchise, and gives us some hints as to what we can expect.

Will Natassia Malthe be returning for BloodRayne 4?

Yes. She will return as Rayne and yes, she will be naked. She agreed to nudity in BloodRayne 3 so now she is bound to it! She has to do it in all the BloodRaynes. 

What is the plot of BloodRayne 4?

It will be a story about organized crime. The vampires basically took over the mafia. She has to infiltrate them and fight them. But in the beginning, she will have a "normal" life. We even thought about making her a mother, and has stepped out of everything, and doesn't want to keep going [fighting the vampires]. But a normal, private life would fall apart because she doesn't age. At some point, her husband would wonder why he is 80 and she is still 30. He would figure out that she is something else.

Well, most guys would think they had really, really good luck if that happened.

[Laughs]. I am looking forward to doing a contemporary BloodRayne. That is why I have done all the BloodRaynes myself, and haven't given them to anyone else. I like that every BloodRayne part is a different "genre." This is what I like in the BloodRayne franchise.