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News Article

Exclusive: Video Interview with Dawn of Ashes' Kristof Bathory



Extreme electro-metal band Dawn of Ashes have made FEARnet's best-of music lists time and time again, not only for their intensely terrifying music and stage show, but also for their incredibly dark and twisted visuals; in fact, we premiered a demonically kinky video from their 2012 EP Hollywood Made in Gehenna (check it out here, but be warned, it's totally NSFW). So it was only a matter of time before we turned our own cameras on band founder Kristof Bathory (and a mysterious, skeletal colleague) for an exclusive interview, where he discussed the band's ambitious new full-length album Anathema and the band's themes of horror, rebellion and violent release.

Anathema is slated to drop in April, and we'll be bringing you more info on the record very soon, so stay tuned!