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Exclusive! We Get the Dirt on 'Gears Of War 2' extras!


Gears of War 2 is one of the most highly anticipated video games of the year.  As an added bonus, it also happens to be one of the goriest!  In the following exclusive interview, Rod Ferguson, the game’s senior producer (whom we spoke with at yesterday’s Spike TV Video Game Awards), addresses the gore, and hints at upcoming goodies for fans. Read what Rod had to say after the jump!

For those who don’t know, tell us a little bit about Gears of War 2.

It’s about humanity’s last stand against subterranean monsters.  It’s taking the story of the first Gears of War – it’s six months later, and they’ve got nothing left to defend so their only choice as humans is to attack.  We take the fight to the Locusts this time.

Do you ever have problems with groups saying “There’s too much violence and gore” or fans saying, “There’s not enough”?

No, we try to walk the line.  The thing about our gore is that we try to do over-the-top, campy gore, so it’s more fun than horrifyingly gory.  We actually have content filters that allow you to turn off the gore, if you are sensitive to it.There are a broad range of games out there, rated E to M.  We happen to be an M game that is right for that audience.  It’s for 17 and older, who are ready for those types of games, and we don’t target anyone outside that.  They are adult gamers.  The gaming industry has grown a lot, and has aged.  They are looking for adult experiences, and that is what we are trying to provide.

Are you planning any downloadable content?

Hmmm… that might be more interesting to talk about after the show… there might be something coming up… maybe…

Any plans for a Gears of War 3?

We’re driven by how successful we are, and what the fans really want.  Right now we are in that “wait and see” stage.  We are looking at how people react to Gears 2.  We are definitely excited about it and would love to keep working on the franchise.  So far it looks like it is going really well.