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Exclusive: Will the Night Nurse Return to 'Teen Wolf?'

In last summer's Teen Wolf series on MTV, Desiree Hall played Jennifer, a small but very important role. Jennifer was the nurse that cared for Peter Hale, the catatonic burn victim whom she nursed back to health and helped him claim his alpha status. Technically, Hall's character is dead by the end of the season, but nowadays, that means very little on supernatural TV shows. Every character on Supernatural has died at least once, and every character on American Horror Story was dead by the end. So we went directly to Hall to find out if she would return in Teen Wolf season two. Hit the jump to get her response.

Well, it was small, but it was important. You were involved in this dark, shadowy conspiracy. Can you tell us a little about working on the show?

Well, it was interesting because with something like Teen Wolf, that has so much attention directed at it even before anyone had seen it, they were very hesitant to release scripts or even any information on what is happening prior to things being shot. You don't want any of the secrets getting out there on Facebook or Twitter. A lot of times, when I was shooting, I knew that [my character] had a relationship with Peter Hale, but I wasn't really sure how it would ultimately manifest itself. It turned out that I was a nurse who saw him transform from this burned and vegetative state, to becoming the alpha werewolf. I helped accelerate that process. 

Will you be returning this upcoming season?

Well... they are still shooting, so its always possible, but I haven't heard anything as of yet. 

When you came on, was the role written as recurring?

I think so. I'm not very sure. Things were changing a lot during [filming] so I'm not really sure.