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Executive Producer Sara Colleton on Season 7 and the End of 'Dexter'


The season 6 finale of Dexter had a cliffhanger ending like no other -- with Deb at long last discovering Dexter's secret, immediately after realizing she's in love with him (which, as I type this, still makes me go "Ew..."). So to say fans are curious about what happens next is putting it mildly. Fortunately, the show's executive producer Sara Colleton has dropped a few hints in a new online interview.

TV Guide just spoke with Colleton about where things will go next in the universe of Dexter, including the conflict facing Deb,as the head of homicide, who's now burdened with the knowledge her brother is a serial killer. Colleton also empasizes that season 8 will definitely be the show's last season, and that she already knows how the show will end. And she sheds some light on the new characters played by Ray Stevenson and Yvonne Strahovski...

"Ray Stevenson, who — oh my God — he is such a fantastic actor. He plays the head of a crime syndicate who owns many nightclubs in Miami. Jason Gedrick plays George, the U.S. manager of all of his clubs. Ray Stevenson's character, Isaac, comes to Miami when his very close personal lieutenant is accused of killing a Miami cop and then suddenly disappears. So Isaac wants to find out what happened to his friend and how he disappeared. The fact that it was a cop will bring them all around the Miami Metro police system. That is going to be a long story arc.

"Also, we have Yvonne Strahovski. She is fantastic. She plays this woman named Hannah, who took off from this small rinky-dink Florida town and ran off with this older guy and they went on this wild killing spree. So when they got caught, she turned state's evidence on the boyfriend, he went to jail for life and she started a new life. Years later, she's in her 30s and she will intersect with Dexter. I would say Hannah is a still water that runs very deep and is quite unlike any woman Dexter has ever known."

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