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News Article

Exorcisms Being Used to Battle Drug Cartels in Mexico



Since 2006, some 80,000 people have been brutally murdered in Mexico, the result of ongoing wars between drug cartels.  Could it be that demonic possession is to blame for the horrific violence that's been plaguing the country for the past decade?  According to priests and religious experts in the area, it just might be.

As reported by the NY Daily News, exorcisms have become the new weapon against drug violence in Mexico, with many priests claiming that the growing popularity of the folk icon known as Santa Muerte (Saint Death) has something to do with the increased penchant for violence amongst members of the many cartels in the area.  They believe that these ruthless killers are not evil people but rather that they've become vessels for demonic entities, and exorcisms are on the rise as a way to battle the evil inside of them.

Father Ernesto Caro was recently visited by a member of the Los Zetas cartel, who confessed to him that he not only chopped many people to pieces, while they were still alive, but that he also enjoyed doing it.  After fourth months of weekly visits to the church, as part of an ongoing exorcism process, Caro says that the man is no longer interested in hurting anyone, and lives a peaceful nonviolent life.  "God sends me these people," he said.

Check out video of a mass exorcism below, filmed inside of a Mexican church.