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'The Experiment' - 3 Exclusive Clips


The Experiment (a remake of the 2002 German film Das Experiment) is coming to DVD and Blu on Sept 21st starring Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In The Experiment '24 men are chosen to participate in the roles of guards and prisoners in a study designed to evaluate the affects of power and control. Values are tested and lines are crossed when seemingly normal participants are pushed to the breaking point as the experiment spirals out of control'. Check out 3 FEARnet exclusive clips and the official trailer from The Experiment below.

Clip 1 – Red Light
There is a red light in the experiment and if it goes off the experiment comes to an end and no one gets paid for their time. In this clip the one inmate accidentally throws a ball at the face of an prison guard. The guard was minimally injured, but all the guards come together to debate if there should be a punishment and if so, what the punishment should be. You see the good and corrupt guards battling back and forth on what action to take.

Clip 2 – Push Ups
As punishment for the prisoner accidentally throwing the ball in the guards face the guards are asking the prisoner to do push ups as punishment. The prisoner refuses, because he insists it was an accident. The guard does not like his disobeying and orders every prisoner to drop down and do push ups. All the inmates finally give into the guards wishes and do push ups.

Clip 3 – Food Fight
The guards are now abusing their power and are forcing everyone to eat every piece of food they’re served. When Adrien Brody gets yelled at to finish his plate he dumps it in the prison guard’s hands. This upsets the guards and the inmates begin to rebel by starting a food fight.