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Extra! Extra! See All About It! 'Harper's Globe' Trailer Is Up!


Want to check out the dark, creepy trailer for Harper's Globe, the web series that goes along with CBS's "murder mystery event," Harper's Island, right now? Hit the jump!

The above just premiered on Admittedly, any TV show or web video that requires a "how to watch" page makes me a little nervous (since when do you need instructions to watch TV?), but it is a great concept, so I'm willing to give it a go.

Harper's Island is a 13-episode murder mystery surrounding a group of friends and family who travel to a secluded island for a wedding, only to be hunted by a murderer. is the online community/web series for the show, under the guise of being the town's newspaper.  Each week, Harper's Globe webisodes will be posted on the site, which allows viewers to chat about both the webisodes and TV episodes, read blogs, and interact with fans and characters.

Harper's Island premieres April 9 at 10:00pm on CBS.  Harper's Globe will be posted to the website every Wednesday before the TV episode, at 2:00pm PST. Be sure to check back with FEARnet next week -- when we'll have an exclusive interview with the star of Harper's Globe (who also features in Harper's Island), Melanie Merkosky!