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Face "Oblivion" in Mastodon's New Video!

Not too many months after bringing us an awesome arctic yeti smackdown (complete with cave-babe in a furry bikini) in the form of a video for their previous single "Divinations," Mastodon are rolling out the next visual chapter in the Crack the Skye saga, this time to promote the track "Oblivion." It premieres today, and you can watch it right after the jump!

Like its predecessor, the "Oblivion" video doesn't appear to have much to do with the themes explored by the band's smash epic concept album Crack the Skye, which explores the metaphysical adventures (both in life and after death) of notorious monk Rasputin, traveling all the way from Tsarist Russia to dimensions unknown via time-space wormholes… or something like that.

Instead, this video goes for straight-up skiffy, with band members portraying the crew of a space station called "Skye-Lab" who are either experiencing hallucinations or are in contact with some sort of mysterious cosmic intelligence… or again, something like that.

The video just launched on the band's MySpace… but you can also watch it right here!