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News Article

'Falling Skies' Already Books Guest Stars for Season Three


Season two of Falling Skies only ended a few days ago, but they have already announced new additions to the cast.

First up is Robert Sean Leonard, last seen on House M.D. He will play an "obsessive but gifted" scientist who lives underground with his pet rats while he runs the Charleston power grid. Leonard has signed on for a five-episode stint, so I guess that means the 2nd Mass isn't getting out of Charleston that easily.

Next is Gloria Reuben, who co-starred with Noah Wylie on ER. She will be working closely with Wylie, playing a leader of the resistance against the alien overlords, who becomes Tom's aide. I bet you a dollar she is going to be the romantic wedge that tries to drive apart Tom and Anne.

Falling Skies season three will likely return to TNT next summer.